Donations are the backbone on which we are able to provide services to our community.
All donations are tax-deductible and can help our children in the following ways:

The most helpful items are:


» 8 oz. Water Bottles

» Juice Boxes

» Go Go Squeeze Apple Sauce

» *Microwavable Kraft Mac & Cheese (individual packaged)

» Fruit Snacks

» * Motts Apple Sauce Cups

» *Popcorn

» * Cookies

» *Chips

» K-Cups (for clients)

» *Jell O Cups

» Hot Chocolate Packets

*It is greatly appreciated that snacks are individually packaged for easy access to children.



Local “convenience” type stores such as – Walmart, Kohl’s, Grocery Stores, and Gas Cards

These cards are used for our needy families that need food and clothing for their families.  Gas cards allow them to get to their counseling services here at Ginnie’s House.  Our families travel from across the county to receive their services.


For Toddler and Teens (G and PG Rated only please!)


» Crayola Super-Tip Washable Markers

» Glitter 

» Large Clear Elmer’s Glue

» Squishy Balls (Sensory Toys)

» Shaving Cream

» Contact Solution

» Art Canvases

» Colored Chalk

» Acrylic Paints

» Colored Kinetic Sand


» Copy Paper

» Sugar Packets

» Paper Towels

» Clorox Wipes

» Coffee Cups w/ Lids

» Batteries

» Postage Stamps

» Napkins

» Journals


Unfortunately, we do not accept clothing, used toys or used stuffed animal donations

Please contact us to find out where you can drop off contributions.

Photo - Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

You can make a donation to sponsor sending a child to summer camp or to participate in an after-school or extracurricular activity. Donors will be sent information on the child and activity they sponsored, within the limits of confidentiality restrictions. Please contact us if you would like to become a program sponsor.

Please contact us if you would like to become a program sponsor.


» Gift Baskets and Items for our Annual Beefsteak Auction in November.

» Back to School supplies for our Annual Backpack Giveaway to the Children of Ginnie’s House.

» Holiday Party – Gifts for the children of Ginnie’s House and our Partner Agencies.  Each child receives a wrapped gift as well as any children in their family. 

Photo - Toys