What Happens at Ginnie’s House

General Information

Ginnie’s House provides a neutral, child-oriented and safe environment for children (under age of 18 years) and their non-offending caretakers. When a child discloses sexual or physical abuse or assault to a friend, guidance counselor at school, or a trusted family member, it is immediately reported to:

Division of Child Protection & Permanency (DCP&P)
877-65-ABUSE (877-652-2873)

Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office
973-383-1570 (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM)

Local Police Department in Sussex County or New Jersey State Police (911)

What Happens at Ginnie’s House?


Intake process

The process begins when a member of the investigative team receives a report of child abuse. The Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office and the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) schedule a forensic interview with the child to include local law enforcement. Following the interview, the MDT Coordinator then works with the case investigation team to schedule any medical appointments and treatment/advocacy for the children and non-offending caregivers.


The DCP&P is available to escort families to and from the Center when necessary. We can also assist with parking for families.

Photo - Forensic Interview

Forensic Interview

A recorded forensic interview is age-appropriate and legally defensible. A single interview reduces the number of times a child must re-tell their horrific or embarrassing experience. Everyone who needs to hear the interview is in a separate room. The interview is conducted by a plain-clothed, caring individual in a room with reduced distractions.

Medical Program

For any child who may have been abused or maltreated, Ginnie’s House works with specially trained child abuse pediatricians and Forensic Nurses to provide a diagnosis, treat any conditions, and refer for follow-up treatment. It is also an opportunity to offer reassurance to the child that his/her body is ok.

However, if a child has injuries that need immediate medical treatment, the child will be seen at an emergency room.

How do I make an appointment?

Children are referred directly by the MDT Coordinator from the investigative team.  There is no charge for services received at the Child Advocacy Center. All cases first start with a report of abuse to 1-877-NJ-ABUSE.

If you are interested in your child to be seen for non-abuse trauma, (such as, being involved in a car accident, bullying, witnessing a crime, or loss of a loved one, etc) please contact us 973-579-0770 for availability.

Child Therapy Program

Many times, children who have suffered abuse struggle with fears, anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt, shame and nightmares. They often can’t concentrate or have behavior problems at school. They may regress in their development, or battle with tantrums and disobedience. They may even say they miss the abuser!

Ginnie’s House offers therapeutic services for Sussex County residents who are child abuse victims and who are not eligible for DCP&P services. Our services are available free of charge.

Photo- Family Advocacy

Family Advocacy

The Ginnie’s House Family Advocate Program is crucial to the recovery of abused children and their families.  The single greatest predictor of how well a child will recover is the support and understanding that a parent/caregiver can give. That is why Ginnie’s House works with a Licensed Mental Health Staff to provide psychoeducational support for non-offending caregivers.

We meet with the family to review the situation and discuss support services such as counseling, medical care, housing, domestic violence, safety concerns, educational issues, employment, financial assistance, food, clothing and other basic needs. Based on the family’s needs, the Family Advocate provides referrals for services located either on site or close to the family’s home.

When appropriate, the Family Advocate can assist with completion of Victims of Crime Compensation paperwork which can provide funds for services to victims of crimes.