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Our Mission

When child abuse is suspected, disclosed or reported, victims will find Ginnie’s House to be a child-friendly place that reduces further trauma by coordinating the child protection, law enforcement, prosecution, healthcare and mental health agencies.

Who We Are

Our Advocacy Center

Ginnie’s House is Sussex County’s Children’s Advocacy Center. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are nationally accredited and a full member of the National Children’s Alliance.

Ginnie’s House provides a child-friendly environment where children are helped through coordinated efforts of child protection, law enforcement, and prosecution, healthcare, and mental health agencies when child abuse is suspected, disclosed or reported. Victims will find Ginnie’s House to be a child-friendly place that reduces further trauma by coordinating these agencies.

What is a Children’s Advocacy Center?

Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) are child-focused facilities through which the County Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) — made up of law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, medical and mental health professionals, victim-witness and family advocates — can coordinate an investigative interview and follow-up services to children who are suspected to be victims of sexual or physical abuse.

Through the CAC, children, and families are linked on a case-by-case basis to appropriate medical, mental health, advocacy, and other services as needed. These direct referrals ensure that accurate information is provided to professionals while minimizing the amount of trauma and humiliation that a child can experience.


Since the first child client was interviewed in Ginnie’s House in early 1998, over 500 Sussex County children have been interviewed in the facility, and many, many more have received mental health therapeutic services. Here are some excerpts from families and victims who have received care or services through Ginnie’s House:

I don’t know what my family would have done without the support and guidance of everyone at Ginnie’s House.

I really want to thank the staff at Ginnie’s House. I felt like I was part of their family. This was such a time of disbelief and frustration; however the staff kept us informed and comfortable. Thank you everyone for being there in our rough and hard times.

My son felt so safe and comfortable that he didn’t want to leave.